Choir is family. Everyone who joins choir is part of our family during high school and wherever life takes us beyond high school. We take great pride in how much everyone in choir cares for one another within and outside the classroom. Our classroom is a safe space for everyone to express themselves and to make great music. 

Our Mission

Our mission is summed up in one sentence: "Make the Family Proud." Our students are dedicated, motivated, talented, mature, and responsible individuals. It is our responsibility to be model students everywhere on campus and off-campus. Everything we do reflects on our choir family and the special bonds that hold us together. 

Being Leaders

Choral students are leaders in the classroom and around campus. We represent San Juan Hills High School when we travel to perform in festival or on choir tours. It is important to always put our best foot forward and help all of our students do the same.

In the Choral Program, we also have opportunities for students to step up as leaders. Each year (depending on the ensemble), students can apply to be section leaders. Section leaders lead sectional rehearsals, correct any performance errors during rehearsal, and help organize students for performances/festivals. Students may also be elected to be part of the Choir Executive Board. There are currently eight positions for the Choir Executive Board including: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, Publicity, Activities, Librarian, and Vocal Ensemble Representative. Choir Board students help Mr. Ushino organize choir events, organize concerts, help around the classroom, and make important decisions for the program. There are many ways to get involved so don't be shy!

Choir Board 2019-2020

President - Lucy June Mansell

Vice President - Miya Huber

Treasurer - Sage Groves

Historian - Malia Lynde

Publicity - Mo Sen

Activities - Katie Phillips

Librarian - Giselle Ballew

Vocal Ensemble Representative - Jessica Tonai

Important Documents

Syllabus/Choir Handbook

Concert Make-Up Paper Prompt

Listening Unit Packet

Classical Music Unit Slides

How to Work with an Accompanist (for Auditions)