Choir Tours are a wonderful way to travel the world with your choir family and to perform to local audiences that have never heard our music before! More importantly, we become musical ambassadors for our community, our state, and sometimes our country. We believe that music and the relationships that we build through music will change the world. 

Where are you going next?

For the 2019-2020 season, we are planning at tour to San Francisco. If you are interested, contact Mr. Ushino for more information!


Domestic Tours

We have traveled across the United States and performed in venues like Carnegie Hall in New York City and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. We travel domestically every other year and the next tour could include you! 

International Tours

Every year we don't do a domestic tour, we like to travel internationally! For our international tours, we have traveled to many countries such as France, Luxembourg, and Germany. We have performed in many historic venues like Notre Dame Cathedral [Paris, France] and the Chateau de Vicomte [Dijon, France]. 

Going on the choir trip really gives you a perspective on ‘choir family.’ You really get to know these people and it solidifies that choir is a family.
— Connor Rose, Class of 2019 [Choir President 2018-2019]